Why Go Solar? Benefits of Going Solar • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022

Benefits of Going Solar

Solar is quickly becoming the best alternative to the electricity grid system because it saves cost over time, it is renewable and easy to maintain, no noise, no pollution, easily scalable and very sustainable.


Solar energy is the only source of energy you will invest in and you start reaping the rewards immediately. You experience uninterrupted power supply, shave off a large chunk of electricity bills, reduce or out rightly eliminate the cost of fuels, no noisy generator thereby giving you a serene quiet environment and you protect ‘Mother-Earth’ from harmful CO2 emissions.


We have a reliable Standby after-sales service with a free 1-year service support and a product-service backed with a customer-focused warranty. Our Engineers and experienced professionals in the area of all related project execution and consulting.


At Vesselnet Solar, we strongly believe the customer is king, hence we treat you like royalty with a 24/7 customer service support call Centre and a team of disciplined professionals dedicated to provide you with sustainable and reliable solution whenever you need it. Our aim is not to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We seat with you, understand your challenges and provide a lasting solution that matches your budget


At Vesselnet, we believe understanding your energy needs is most important before recommending a sustainable and affordable energy solution for you. We offer free consulting and will guide you through choosing the right plan for you and be there even after installation to ensure everything is working to meet your energy needs


A solar Power Solution comprises of Solar Panels, Controllers, Inverters, Battery and sometimes battery monitoring system and apps to monitor power solution remotely. In other words, a solar solution system is a complete power generating installation which starts from harvesting of Sun’s rays to Solar cells positioned at a point to conversion from DC to AC through an Inverter with MTTP/Charge controller monitoring voltage input for maximum current exchange, then the battery serves as energy storage firms rated in Ah at different voltages.

Solar panels are made from tempered glass and requires little or no maintenance. They can last for as long as 25-35 years without any issues.Due to the durable nature of our original solar panels, you do not even need to clean them regularly and we also have a warranty plan in case you experience any difficulty with your solar panels.

Vesselnet has different solar energy packages that fit into any budget. Follow the link and get a quote on the best solar package that works for you to need or simply visit our homepage and have a chat with our representative.

It is common knowledge in the real estate sector that a solar system adds to the value of your property. Although it is preferable if you own the solar energy system than when it is on lease. So, the answers is a big YES, solar will greatly increase your property value more than a moderate renovation.

The truth remains that electricity bills will always be on the increase in Nigeria. When you install our solar energy solution on your property, you save money on electricity bills while insulating your finances from the inevitable rising electricity cost. Going solar is a 100% smart investment.

Your savings from Solar will be based on the capacity and performance, average monthly energy usage, existing solar energy package etc. We can help you calculate your potential ROI and also provide you with more information on your potentials savings from using Solar energy.

The amount of electrical power your solar panels can generate depends on the amount of sunlight. From our experience, our clime always has sufficient sunlight to adequately serve your electric power needs. However, solar panels do not store energy at night. If you would like to use electricity at night with a solar system, you will need to use quality batteries to store the energy during the sunny days.

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