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What You Need To Know About Solar Energy 1 #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria



If you are looking for what you need to know about solar energy, how solar energy works, how to utilize solar energy, then this article is for you.

Perhaps everyone knows what solar power is. For many years, solar power has been used but because of the inefficiency of the gadgets being used, it can’t be utilized to its fullest potential. Researchers and scientists are continuously making improvements so that even ordinary people can now use solar power for their homes and for businesses. If you’re looking for solar power information, you’ve come to the right place.

To understand solar power better, you must know some of its components. Firstly, take a look at photoelectric or photovoltaic cells. These cells are responsible for converting the sun’s rays into electricity. The solar panel contains photovoltaic cells that produce the needed energy. With a square meter of the solar panel, you can already generate enough electricity to light a 100w light bulb.

What you need to know about solar energy
Solar power can heat water in your homes as well. You will simply install glass panels on the roof and that’s heat.  A solar power thermal system can benefit you a lot by decreasing your monthly electric bills.
Are you familiar with solar furnaces? It makes use of mirrors to capture sunlight and provides high temperatures.
When using solar power, you need to know its good points and bad points. Solar energy can help in reducing pollution and waste.

You will no longer depend on fuels for energy and the best feature of all is that it is totally free (that is, once you’ve installed a solar power system, you don’t have to pay any monthly bill). Small villages that are located far from conventional energy sources can surely benefit from solar power. In sunny countries, solar power can be used to the fullest but since resources are limited, very few are able to enjoy its benefits.

Solar power is renewable and it can be used for different purposes. Examples are solar calculators, garden lights and fountains, and battery chargers. As long as the sun shines in the morning, you will get a renewable source of energy.
The problem faced by researchers today is that many places don’t get enough sunlight all throughout the year.

Solar power devices can work more effectively in places where the sun is brightly shining. Some places don’t enjoy too much sunlight and this is where solar power becomes unreliable. A very good example is the United Kingdom. In the UK, solar power can only be used in low=powered or small devices.

In Nigeria particularly in Lagos, solar power is used by many homes and establishments.  Also, the Northern part of Nigeria starting from Kwara State receives a lot of sunshine and because of this, it’s much easier to generate solar energy.  The use of solar power is being enhanced year after year with the advancements in technology. Scientists and researchers are discovering new ways to use solar power to the fullest. Several years ago, using solar power was rather expensive but today, you can already enjoy its benefits for as low as N100,00. The solar power systems kits are very affordable and you can use them to light your garden and other outdoor lights. If you can expand the system, you will soon be able to use it indoors.

You will know what solar power is by knowing its main uses. So whenever you see the sun, you will know that energy can be generated from it through the use of special devices and types of equipment.

The world is facing a lot of problems including that of environmental concerns like pollution and global warming. Despite these problems, people should not despair. In every problem, there is always a solution and this solution has been available for many years now.

It’s just that many people fail to realize its importance and efficacy. Researchers and scientists have already discovered solar power many years ago but because of the lack of technological knowledge, the idea was not pursued. Solar power was mainly used for powering small electrical devices. But now, with the great technological advancements, people are hoping that solar power will soon become widely accessible even to ordinary individuals.

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In  Nigeria, solar power is used in the different states but it’s not that prevalent. Huge solar panels are quite expensive and ordinary people can’t afford to pay for them. You can now find solar power kits which are less costly.

Before you consider using solar power, here are some facts that you need to be aware of:
1. Albert Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his experiments on photovoltaic and solar power.
2. Silicon from a ton of sand can be used in photovoltaic panels to generate the same amount of electricity that a 500,000 T of burning coal can produce.
3.  10,000 American households are now using solar energy to power their homes.
4. John Herschel (British Astronomer) was able to cook food by using solar power 200 years ago during his African journey.
5. In 1982, the first large scale power plants were opened in California.
6. If you can use solar power in your home’s heating system, you can slash the electric bill by 50%.
7. In the last thirty years, the price of solar panels has dropped considerably by at least 200%. Solar power kits can now be purchased from 100,000 Naira.
8. In the year 2000, USDOE claimed that solar power is almost perfect (99%) in San Francisco; since California gets a lot of sunlight, 200 megawatts of green electricity can be generated if all the rooftops of county buildings and homes are covered with PV panels. By including school buildings, an added 1,500 megawatts is achievable. The generated power is enough to cover the city’s electrical needs during an entire day.
9. Germany is now using solar power despite its undesirable climate. The energy generated during sunny days is stored in batteries.
10. Energy from the sun travels for approximately 8 minutes to reach Earth.

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