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10KW solar system



People will ask a lot of questions before embarking on buying a 10KW solar system. One of the most frequent question is this: what is the cost of 10KW system in Nigeria?

For this discussion, we shall be focusing on the 10KW solar power system. In detail, the cost of 10KW solar system would be discussed.


How much does a 10kW solar system cost?

There is no fixed price. But there is a range which is from N6million to N9million. Most times, what is responsible for price difference is the amount of solar panels. Mr A can buy a 10KW solar system with 12 solar panels while Mr B buys that same 10KW solar inverter with 16 solar panels. This means that Mr B investment is likely going to be higher than Mr B but they are both using a 10KW solar system.


What is a 10kW solar power system?

A 10KW solar system is one that generate as much as 45KWh daily and as much as 16,400KWh per year. It uses 25 to 40 solar panels which can take up to 55 to 70 square meters.

10kw solar system

Components of a 10KW Solar Power System

A 10KW solar system has four basic components. These are solar panel, inverter, battery, battery charge controller.


Solar panel: they are used to absorb the sun rays which get converted into electricity.

Inverter: the inverter does the conversion of DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternate Current)

Battery: this is used to store energy which is used at a later date.

Charge controller: this regulates the energy that goes into the battery bank of the solar system. It makes sure the battery retains maximal energy it can absorb and energy doesn’t flow back to the grid.

Solar Panels for a 10kW PV System

For a 10KW solar system, you will need at least 25 solar modules. Each solar panel comes in watts. For instance, a 20Watt can have up to 410watt module. Buying a single large solar panel means more solar modules in one place.  

Learn more about types of solar panels here.

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