What Is Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy? • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
off-grid and on-grid



Here we’ll discuss key difference between off-grid and on-grid solar energy

An off-grid solar energy is the one not connected to the national grid while on-grid is the one that is connected to the national grid (aka grid-tied).

Let’s find below the difference between the on-grid and the off-grid.

Off-Grid Solar System

  • An off-grid system means that you will completely rely on the sun energy which can also be stored in batteries.

If you want to keep having electricity during night time when the sun is no longer shinning, you will need a storage device such as batteries to store up energy during the day time which can be used at night.


On-Grid Solar System

  • This is solar system where electricity is supplied from the national grid as supplement. With this system, there shouldn’t be much reliance on batteries for storage of power.


on-grid and off-grid

Power Outages with Off-Grid Systems

  • With off-grid system, you will continue to enjoy power even when there’s a bad storm that affects the utility Your supply. to enjoy more supply, you only must get more batteries for storage of energy during the day.


Power Outages with On-Grid Systems

  • This is a system that connects to the utility grid. this means whenever the utility grid has power, you will also have and the solar system serves as supplement. By connecting to the grid, you get access to electricity whenever you need it.


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