What is Green Energy • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
What is Green Energy 1 #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria



Green Energy

Green energy can be referred to as any energy that is naturally gotten. Natural resources such as sunlight, water or wind can be used to generate energy. Such energy is referred to as green. Green energy is often gotten from renewable energy sources. We shall briefly discuss the difference between renewable and green energy below.

The key thing with energy resources is that they are environmental friendly.


How Does it Work?

Green energy is often gotten from renewable energy technologies such as solar energy, biomass, wind power, hydroelectric power etc. Each of this technologies works differently but all produces green energy or an environmental friendly energy.


Core Characteristics of Green Energy

To be qualified as green energy, it must not be an environment pollutant. This is why fossil fuel cannot be called green energy since it pollutes the environment by releasing harmful gasses into the air.

However, energy from abundant forest resources can be termed renewable but not green. Renewables are those sources that naturally replenishes unlike the fossil fuel that take millions of years to develop while green energy are those that are less harmful to the environment.


Types of Green Energy

There are six main types of green energy which are solar power, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, biomass and biofuel.


  1. Solar Power

This is energy gotten from the sun. it is generated through photovoltaic cells which captures the sunlight and converts it into a usable energy for homes and offices.


  1. Wind Power

This is energy from the wind. It is usually positioned at higher altitudes. The flow of air is used to push turbines which then generate electricity.


  1. Hydroelectric Power

This type of energy is conducted through the flow of water from rivers, dams, etc. It can also be conducted in smaller scale through pipes in the home, rainfall or tides in the oceans.


  1. Geothermal Energy

This is thermal energy that has been stored under the earth’s crust. To be able to access this resource, it has to be drilled. This type of energy has been in existence for thousands of years. The drilling procedure has to be carefully carried out to ensure minimal environmental hazard.


  1. Biomass Energy

This is energy gotten from wastes in the environment. For this to be fully labelled as green energy, the process has to be fully managed. The emissions from the combustion of wastes is still far less harmful compare to emissions from petroleum based fuels.


  1. Biofuels

Biofuel is gotten when the wastes are converted to ethanol instead of being burned in the case of biomass.


Green energy as you have rightly realized is the way to go in getting power and preserving our natural environment at the same time.

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