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Solar Inverter



The interest in solar systems has shot up due to the increase in interest for renewable energy sources. It is a huge asset to the environment that the sun has the ability to power an entire home. It will go a long way in keeping the environment cleaner and healthy.

So, now let’s talk about the solar system itself. Do you actually know the components of a solar system? The key components include the solar panel, inverter, battery, rack etc. but in this article, we shall be dwelling on the inverter.

The energy from the sunlight gets sent to the inverter in form of Direct Current (DC). But every home requires the Alternate Current (AC) which is safer. Here is where the inverter performs an important role of converting the DC to AC

Solar Inverter

Types of solar inverters

It is time to know the various types of inverter that exist, considering the fact that we now understand the function of the inverter in a solar system. There are 5 different kind of solar inverter with varying advantages.


Battery Inverters

This is the best alternative if you would need to altogether fit a battery into your solar system, or you would want your battery to be separated from your solar panels which can run through a different inverter. A battery inverter mainly converts your battery into 230V AC before feeding it to the switchboard.


Central Inverters

These are very huge and they are not used for residential homes. They are normally used for large solar systems with hundreds of kilowatts. They are mostly used for commercial projects, very large solar installations. Each of its cabinet can handle from 500KW of power.


 Hybrid Inverters

This is also known as multi-mode inverters. Although they are uncommon, but they exist. With hybrid inverters, batteries can be connected to the solar system. The connected battery is engaged through ‘DC coupling’ while its electronics coordinates the charging and discharging of the battery.



Just as the name already suggests, microinverters are very small. The great advantage of these inverters is their ability to optimize each solar panel individually. This makes for more energy even in shady conditions.


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String inverters

They are known as string inverters because a string of solar panels is connected to them. They are arguably the most common option of inverter for residential usage.


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