What Does Solar Inverter Do? • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
solar inverter



The solar inverter does a very important work by converting the DC electricity to the AC electricity. The electricity gotten from the solar array is usually DC, which needs to be converted to AC electricity for safe use. You can refer to inverter as the brain of the solar system.


Other Functions of the Solar Inverter

The solar inverter also provides ground fault protection and system stats. Included, is voltage and current on AC and DC circuits, energy production and maximum power point tracking.

solar inverter

Types of Solar Inverter

Since beginning, central inverters dominated the industry. Then, one of the biggest technology in the PV industry was introduced, which is the micro-inverters. The major difference between the micro-inverters and the central inverter is: micro optimizes for each single panel while central optimizes for an entire solar system. The implication is that: every solar panel can perform at maximum potential. When using a central inverter, once there is a problem on one solar panel, the entire array performance may be affected. But this is a non-issue when using the micro-inverters.


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