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Vesselnet Solar, a leading solar power provider in Nigeria, in a bid to always offer the best to her clients, has signed a distributorship deal with Shoto batteries. Shoto battery is one of the best batteries specifically designed for renewable energy applications such as solar, wind power storage systems, etc.

One striking advantage of Shoto battery is that it comes with 3 years warranty. This is due to the trust the Shoto battery manufacturers have on their product.



GFMJ Series: VRLA Gel Battery

The GFMJ (OPzV) series cylindrical gel battery is the product evolved by SHOTO through the global propelled gel innovation with extraordinary execution and has been broadly utilized in the world. With rounded plate, corrosion-resistant, unique gel electrolyte, smaller scale pore separator and propelled heat-fixing innovation, GFMJ series battery dedicates itself to give increasingly steady and solid reinforcement power for correspondence, vitality stockpiling and electrical frameworks.


6-SPB Series: Spiral Lead-Carbon Battery

The 6-SPB series consist of products, recently evolved Spiral Battery by Shoto Group. The battery dehydration is significantly reduced through the special wind structure, high assembly pressure and valve opening pressure. This battery is superior to any normal battery. The battery has a predominant high temperature release execution and huge current release execution, more noteworthy security and better quick charging capacity, etc. It is ensured by five patents, which are:02112897.9、03152809.0、03221098.1、 200310112676.1、200510040205.3.


shoto batteries

LLC Series: Lead-Carbon Battery

Shoto lead-carbon battery has been uniquely intended for sustainable power sources, for example, sun based and wind power stockpiling framework, considering universal propelled lead-carbon capacitance innovation. Lattice compound and structure, dynamic material equation, battery case material and electrolyte compositions are upgraded. With premium quality, predominant PSoC cycle life, better charge adequacy and quicker revive performance, LLC lead-carbon battery dedicates itself to secure our Environment and Human with green clean energy and normal assets utilized successfully.




Main Applications                                                                                   

  • Renewable energy (wind & solar) storing system
  • Maximum shifting of electrical power system
  • Rate of recurrence regulation and load resulting service
  • Clever-grid & micro-grid sites
  • Off‑-grid & poor-grid sites



  • Lasting life plan up to 20 years
  • Greater PSoC and deep cycling performance
  • Excellently charges quick by saving up to 30% of charging time.


Technical Features

  • Adopt lead- carbon capacitance technology, cathode sulphation reduction, perfect for PSoC cycle application and can transport 4~5 times better cyclic life when equated with normal VRLA
  • Very fast recharge performance
  • Exquisite design for premium quality, high reliability and stability


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EXC Series: Extreme Cyclic Battery

This is the latest generation of lead-carbon battery in the Shoto battery group. It was purposely designed to power renewable energy setups such as the solar and wind power storing system according to international cutting-edge lead-carbon technology. It enjoys good reviews from users across the world due to its high performance and distinguishing design. The EXC battery is the best option to combat the challenging operating conditions of energy storage, including other extreme 0-grid applications.


FTC Series: Front Terminal Cycle Battery

The Shoto battery family has a new product called the SHOTO FTC. It is designed purposely for high temperature and deep cycle application that is based on world standard. It has a special grid design, has horizontal shape and alloy material that are corrosion-resistant. FTC battery can prevent density stratification problem of acid solution. The FTC battery is environmentally friendly and clean energy.


FMX Series: Front Terminal Battery

This is a new model with high capacity. It is easy to use and maintained. Its major purpose is to service telecom system, security systems, UPS and much more. The battery has a designed float charge life span of 12 years.


6-GFMHR Series: High Rate Battery

This battery series is designed purposely for the data center, UPS and power systems. It’s alloy and thin plate are corrosion-resistant. It has more plate surface area than ordinary batteries. Its components consist of the United States OAK red machine, the United states wirtz coated machine, South-korea moojin casting welder, butt welding machine, the United States CMW acide machine, and a lot more.


Now you can see that we have you covered when it comes to the best batteries for your solar power, telecommunications, etc. Buying from Vesselnet Solar simply means that you are safe and you have automatically saved money because every product has a warranty. You are safe with just a one-time payment. Let me quickly add that you are also entitled to our after-sale excellent support.

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