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The demand for a more steady and reliable electricity supply in Nigeria has been an age-long cry and solution seems to be off-sight till now. Nigeria, which happens to be Africa’s largest economy has been suffering from poor power supply for too long and this has had a profound negative effect.

Electricity is a necessity to living and so this justifies why many Nigerians would never stop seeking for a better alternative. As a result, more than 60 million Nigerians owns a fuel powered-generators.

In today’s world, there are more alternative sources of electricity which means that individuals now have the power to supply themselves electricity. This brings us to solar power as the best alternative since it is renewable, clean, efficient and affordable.


The Role of Solar Power

There is no doubt that solar is playing a massive role in the supply of electricity to homes in Nigeria. Another benefit is that solar power can be broken down into various packages depending on the individual or home energy requirement. For instance, Vesselnet Solar has the 1KW to 10 KW solar home solution and as well as the mini-grid and microgrid solar solutions for estates.

Over the past decade, the cost of going solar has greatly reduced due to increasing number of manufacturers and the activities of competition.

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The initial up-front investment may seem costly, but when one considers the fact that there won’t be recurring electricity bills and 25 to 30 years life span of the solar panels, solar power is rather more affordable and reliable.

Eventually solar will dominate the energy sphere since it is a technology. And more Nigerians would keep embracing solar.

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