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The sun is very important to all life on earth. The sun supplies us both heat and light and does this by fusing hydrogen into helium at its core. This process is known as solar radiation. According to research, only about half of the solar radiation makes it to earth. The other half is absorbed by clouds and the atmosphere. Notwithstanding, the amount of sun that gets to earth is still sufficient for the demands of mankind. In summary, solar energy or power is inexhaustible and clean source.

The beautiful thing about sunlight or solar energy is that it can be used directly for heating and lighting for businesses and homes. It can be largely use for commercial purpose as well. Solar energy represents an alternative source of energy that is clean, renewable, and affordable.

The solar resource is enormous and cannot be exhausted. The amount of sunlight that strikes the earth in an hour and a half is enough to cater for the world’s energy need for a full year according to the US Department of Energy.


Solar Power is the Future

Many businesses and homes have embraced solar power as their alternative source of power. And due to its reliability, many are beginning to adopt it as main source of energy. This is possible because there are batteries that can be used to store up energy during the day for later usage.


Your No. 1 Plug

For your solar energy needs, we are your no. 1 plug. We have a team of expert engineers who will access your energy needs and come up with a recommended solar solution plan that will be suitable for you. From consultation to complete installation, Vesselnet Solar has got you covered.


Solar Home Solutions

For residential or home use, we have various plans ranging from 1KW to 10KW. Businesses can also tap into this plans depending on the appliances they would like to power.


Mini Grid and Off Grid

These are large plans designed for communities, estates and industries. The off-grid plan is not connected to any national grid; thus relies on its own for power. This is mostly suitable for rural areas or secluded places without a connection to the national grid.

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