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Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

The sun has been a very clean source of power without any form of pollution to the environment or cause global warming emissions. The energy from the sun is equally sustainable.

Any form of environmental impacts or the use of hazardous materials in the manufacturing is dependent upon the type of technology used. These technologies are in two broad categories which include: photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and concentrating solar thermal plants (CSP).

The size of the system also plays a big role in the level of environmental impact.

Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Land Use

Depending on how large the solar system is, the solar panels can take up lots of space. But if there are on the rooftop, then it might not matter. Other systems such as mini grid and off grid are usually mounted on a very large space, not rooftop and they can occupy a large land space.


Water use

Although solar PV Cells do not use water for generating electricity, it still requires some water for its manufacturing process and components.

Like all thermal electric plants, Concentrating Solar Thermal CSP requires water for cooling. Factors such as plant location and design determines to what extent water is needed for the cooling.


Hazardous materials

There is no production that involves materials that are 100% hazard free. The PV cell manufacturing procedure also include a number of some materials considered hazardous. Most of these materials are used to clean and distill the semiconductor surface. the amounts of these chemicals used is also determined by the type of cell and the type of cleaning that is needed, including the size of silicon wafer.


Life-cycle global warming emissions

Although solar power is not generally associated with global warming emissions, emissions for photovoltaic systems are between 0.07 and 0.18 pounds of carbon dioxide which is equivalent per kilowatt-hour


In all, you have seen that the environmental impact of solar energy is minimal and nothing to worry about especially as we continue to experience advancement in technology.

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