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This is now the trend. I mean solar panels on every roof top (solar power). One of our neighbor sold his duplex and a new person acquired and started doing innovations. But here’s what I noticed. While innovations were on-going and he was yet to move in, I saw them install solar panels on both side of the roof top.

So, here’s another one. Two houses are currently being reconstructed in the street next to mine and the new owners have already placed solar panels on their roof top. They haven’t even done painting but solar panels are already installed. This alone goes a long way to show you that solar power is the way forward to ensuring our own self-provided 24-hour electricity. Off course, the electricity from the national grid cannot be relied upon. You and I knows it’s a dead issue but we must still have electricity whenever we want right? Solar power is the answer.

A lot of us already knows solar power is the best power alternative. But what a lot of us don’t know is that it can be affordable too. Usually solar power installation incurs a one-time cost that can be huge. You make your savings from the several years that you won’t need to spend on power but you would still be enjoying electricity whenever you want. Solar panels alone can last for about 25 years with little or no maintenance. So your cost is actually one-time. No recurrent expenditure on monthly utility bill, fuel or repairs.

But again, this one-time cost of installation could still be a hindrance to some of us who actually desired to go solar. So, at Vesselnet Solar, we came up with a very convenient payment plans.


Convenient Payment Plans

We have the 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months installment payment plan.


How it Works

We have various solar system all in their complete form from 1KW.

Step 1 – The customer chooses the payment plan that is convenient for them.

Step 2 – Then we send our requirements to them.


  • Asset Finance and guarantor forms
  • Last 4 months statement.
  • Any valid means of id and work Id,
  • Letter of employment or promotion or confirmation.
  • Recent Utility bill.

Step 3 – They pay to the asset Financing company.

Step 4 – The Asset Financing company pay us our money for the solar system, and then get the rest monthly interest from the customer.

Step 5 – Our engineers comes for installation

With this arrangement, a necessity such as electricity should be affordable and accessible by everyone. You need the electricity for your business and for the home use. Contact us today, lets discuss.

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