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  Solar energy can be used for heating and lighting homes and businesses, for generating electricity, hot water heating, cooling, and for a variety of other commercial and industrial purposes. Due to our growing concern about climate change, solar electricity generation represents a valuable alternative to electricity from fossil fuels, with no pollution of air […]

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How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Your Next Installation

When looking for the best solar panels for your home, there are many factors to consider. In this article we shall be discussing ten criteria for choosing best solar panel for home.   Types of Solar Panels There are two major solar panels that dominates the market, namely: Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Measurement of Solar Power The […]

3KW Solar System in Nigeria



How Much is 3KW Solar System in Nigeria

Electricity bill is high more than ever and a lot of people wish it can be reduced. go fish But we all know how it is most often in Nigeria that once price goes up, it hardly comes down back. This has made a lot of people to consider the option of going solar. الباير […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power is a great way to cut down on electricity cost. It can be used for residential and business depending on the capacity installed. Are you looking forward to installing solar panels? So here are some benefits that should interest you.   Cuts Down on Electricity Bill This is an amazing benefit. What could […]

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What are the main components of a solar energy system?

What are the main components of a solar energy system that comes to your mind when you think of solar energy? Our guess is: you’re definitely thinking of some of these. There is really so much to a solar system than the panels. The solar system has multiple components but we shall be discussing the […]

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Importance of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the best form of renewable energy source in the world. It has the potentials to meet many of the world’s challenges. It is fast becoming popular due to its numerous benefits which include some of the following.   Solar Is Clean and Safe Solar energy is not only safe; it […]

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5 Major Advantages of Solar Energy

In talking about the advantages of solar energy, did you know that the amount of energy being produced by the sun per hour is enough to meet the world’s energy requirement for one year? تاريخ بايرن ميونخ Indeed, the sun is really a powerful energy source. The good news is that we can collect a […]

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Cost of 10KW Solar System in Nigeria

As solar panels become more affordable, most homes in Nigeria have started embracing solar power as their alternative source of energy. This includes hospitals, schools, and offices and they are all making savings in the long run since solar panels require little or no maintenance and the solar power itself is renewable.   This 10KW […]

5KW Solar System



Cost of 5KW Solar System in Nigeria

5KW solar system is most suitable for powering all the basic household appliances at once. With a 5KW solar system, one can put on the air condition, deep freezer, washing machine and more. A 5kWh solar system will cost you between N1,560,916 to N4,077,792 to be installed. After which, you will be free from recurring […]

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What Equipment Do You Need For A Solar Power System?

All around the world, solar power systems are gaining ground as more homeowners are going solar in a bid to reduce costs on energy in the long-term. According to the SEIA, a record amount of residential solar capacity was installed in Q3 2019, and overall growth for 2019 is estimated at 23%. This growth is […]

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