SOLAR ENERGY & ITS IMPORTANCE. • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
SOLAR ENERGY & ITS IMPORTANCE. 1 #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria




Solar energy can be used for heating and lighting homes and businesses, for generating electricity, hot water heating, cooling, and for a variety of other commercial and industrial purposes. Due to our growing concern about climate change, solar electricity generation represents a valuable alternative to electricity from fossil fuels, with no pollution of air or water, no pollution of global warming, no risks of power price spikes, and no health risks.

In solar energy, the sun’s energy is converted into a variety of forms, such as electrical energy, to meet the demands of the world. At present, solar energy provides one-tenth of the world’s energy needs, but it has unbelievable potential for the future.

57% of Nigerians have access to electricity (UN 2020), while rest rely on the epileptic supply from the nation. This has meant a significant reliance on generators that end up causing huge noise and climate change, not to mention the burden of turning them on and off when the need arises.

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