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At Vesselnet we strongly see the need to enlighten people on the limitless uses and applications of Solar Energy, in this instance we’re discussing Security systems. In security systems we are referring to the uses of CCTV Cameras, Video Doorbells, Proximity sensors, Alarms, Key Cards, Electronic Doors and Gates, Bio metric Security Systems etc.

There is a rising interest in how solar can influence homeland security. Solar can help prevent power outages by providing emergency energy to critical facilities where a downtime in their security could be devastating. We’ve all seen how solar energy is used for Outdoor streetlights. The same can also be applied for traffic cameras and outdoor sensors (like the E-tags we see used at the lekki toll gates).

Solar can provide electricity to remote or less accessible areas, and is flexible enough to be a mobile or temporary power source. In addition to resiliency planning. Not only does solar deployment reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy like generators, a large network of distributed energy generation sources like solar, can mitigate energy security concerns by reducing reliance on a single regional power source.

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Solar Power back up for Security Systems 1 #1 Solar Energy In NigeriaSolar Power back up for Security Systems 2 #1 Solar Energy In NigeriaSolar Power back up for Security Systems 3 #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria



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