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Who doesn’t hate running out of batteries? Nobody likes that red colour depleted battery icon on their phone or laptop. But this battery constraints are not suffered by electronic gadgets alone.

Even our unique solar energy is not exempted from the problems of batteries. Because no other renewable energy can match the potentials of solar energy, and its cost-effectiveness, batteries play a significant role since they form a core component of a solar power system. This simply means that a good technology battery can save you cost of up to about 300% including convenience.

We can go on and on with the benefits of solar power, with its affordability, cleanness and more. But one major threat to all these benefits is a bad technology battery which are saturated in the market today, thereby making it even more difficult for users of solar power to detect.


The Good News

The good news however, is that there is a latest technology of battery that is very efficient and cost-effective. There has never been none like this technology as it offers three (3) years warranty. This simply means 3 years of not spending extra on battery, 3 years of no battery problems, 3 years of interrupted power supply and 3 years of peace of mind. You are free to conduct your own research but you will find out that every other technology of battery in the market offer at most only 1-year warranty.

Here’s Vesselnet Solar introducing to you the latest battery technology-Shoto battery.

Vesselnet Solar, in a bid to offer the best in the market, went out through strategic outsourcing to strike this deal of sole-distributorship of the latest battery technology-Shoto battery with 3 years warranty on all orders.

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Main Applications                                                                                   

  • Renewable energy (wind & solar) storing system
  • Maximum shifting of electrical power system
  • Rate of recurrence regulation and load resulting service
  • Clever-grid & micro-grid sites
  • Off‑-grid & poor-grid sites



  • Lasting life plan up to 20 years
  • Greater PSoC and deep cycling performance
  • Excellently charges quick by saving up to 30% of charging time.


Technical Features

  • Adopt lead- carbon capacitance technology, cathode sulphation reduction, perfect for PSoC cycle application and can transport 4~5 times better cyclic life when equated with normal VRLA
  • Very fast recharge performance
  • Exquisite design for premium quality, high reliability and stability



Available for Pre-order

Do you use solar power or have clients that does? Or do you manage a data center that requires top battery technology for backup? We are the sole-distributor of Shoto battery in Nigeria with 3years warranty.

Feel free to request for a presentation on zoom or by appointment.

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