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Vesselnet Solar is a solar energy company in Lagos, Nigeria with a focus on supplying Nigerians and Africa at Large 24 hours uninterrupted power supply. One of the greatest assets with respect to solar energy development in Nigeria is its geographical location (in the equatorial region). The distribution of solar energy available in Nigeria is abundant with the northern part having a larger share. This is why at Vesselnet Solar we aim to provide affordable, sustainable, and reliable solar energy installations in one million Nigerian homes & offices by 2025. We believe every Nigerian should have access to a sustainable and cost-effective source of energy that is why we provide flexible payment plans that have everyone covered. We provide Solar solutions, Inverter backup, Off-Grid, Mini-Grid solutions, Solar Street Lighting projects.

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Solar For Homes

Our smaller solutions are designed for homes that requires lesser power consumption between 300 watts to 5KW


Solar For Offices

We understand that your office requires stable power to your equipment that is why our engineers work round the clock to get you 24/7 power supply while you focus on your core business


Mini Grid/Micro Grid

Do want your entire community to be powered by solar. At Vesselnet Solar, our engineers are up to the task to recommend what will work for your community

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Vesselnet Solar

Services & Solution

We are a click away from working with you. Let us solve your power problem today using the best solar energy solutions in Nigeria.

1 KW Complete System


1 KW

1KW Complete Solar System is designed for individuals with power requirements of less than 1KW. This is a perfect ...

2 KW Complete System


2 KW

2KW Complete Solar System is designed for homes with power requirements of between 1KW to ...

3 KW Complete System


3 KW

3KW Complete Solar System is designed for homes with power requirements of between 2KW to ...

5 KW Complete System


5 KW

5KW Complete Solar System is designed for homes and offices with power requirements of between ...

8 KW Complete System


8 KW

8KW Complete Solar System is designed for homes with power requirements of between 1KW to ...

10 KW Complete System


10 KW

10KW Complete Solar System is designed for homes with power requirements of between 2KW to ...

Our Project Vesselnet Solar

Here are some of the pictures gallery of our projects

With numerous solar energy installations executed. Here are some of the pictures gallery of our projects

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The Industry Leaders In Producing Renewable Energy

We’re your Trusted Partner in Solar Energies Installation

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A Case Study

Solar Installation at
Tede Town, Oyo State

Due to unstable power supply in Nigeria and Tede town Oyo north geographical region in Oyo state, we were approached to install a 10kW inverter system – 3.25KW solar power system at the family house in Tede town. The system comprises of 10 x 325W JA Solar panels, a 10kW inverter and 8 x 200AH Monbat Batteries. The solar panel mounting structure is car port. The system is expected to generate 5,913kWh of electrical energy annually and will produce the power required to run all the appliances of the property.

  • Flexible Cost-Effective
    Solutions for energy

  • We Produce Innovative
    Solar Energy Installation

  • Tailored For Specific
    Client’s Needs

Vesselnet Solar is the most recognized & trusted
source for Renewable Energy in Nigeria.

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10KW solar system



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