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Main Pitfalls of Solar Energy



We will be discussing in brief, the main pitfalls of solar energy. Solar energy has a lot of benefits but just like any other solution in the world, it also has some pitfalls as well.


What is Solar Energy?

This is an energy system that is renewable and clean. Its source is the sun. you might have heard of solar panels or photovoltaic cells which are normally found on rooftops, spacecrafts, calculators, etc. these cells are able to generate electricity through the semiconductor materials they are made of. Electrons are knocked loose from their atoms when sunlight hits the cells and electricity is produced as the electrons flow through the cell.

This technology has grown over the years to be reliable from powering homes, offices to communities. Some of those solutions being offered by Vesselnet Solar is the mini-grid and microgrid solar system which can power up an entire estate or community depending on their energy needs and consumption.

With a solar system, you will not need to worry about noise pollution or go through the inconvenience of refilling fuel as the case with fuel-powered generators, no need for repairs or replacement etc, but below are some of its pitfalls or rather major pitfalls.



  • It’s dependent on a storage device such as battery. This means that you won’t have electricity at night or during cloudy whether if you didn’t have a battery to preserve or store up excess energy.
  • Solar energy could be expensive at initial start. Its upfront cost is high although it is less expensive in the long run since you would not be incurring reoccurring expenses or spending on maintenance.

These are the major pitfalls of solar energy. If these are not a problem to you, then solar energy is your best bet considering its other numerous benefits.

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