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10KW solar system



What is the Cost of 10KW System in Nigeria?

People will ask a lot of questions before embarking on buying a 10KW solar system. One of the most frequent question is this: what is the cost of 10KW system in Nigeria? For this discussion, we shall be focusing on the 10KW solar power system. In detail, the cost of 10KW solar system would be […]

solar inverter



What Does Solar Inverter Do?

The solar inverter does a very important work by converting the DC electricity to the AC electricity. The electricity gotten from the solar array is usually DC, which needs to be converted to AC electricity for safe use. You can refer to inverter as the brain of the solar system.   Other Functions of the […]

Solar Inverter



What is a Solar Inverter and How Does it Work?

The interest in solar systems has shot up due to the increase in interest for renewable energy sources. It is a huge asset to the environment that the sun has the ability to power an entire home. It will go a long way in keeping the environment cleaner and healthy. So, now let’s talk about […]

components of a solar energy system



What are the main components of a solar energy system?

What are the main components of a solar energy system that comes to your mind when you think of solar energy? Our guess is: you’re definitely thinking of some of these. There is really so much to a solar system than the panels. The solar system has multiple components but we shall be discussing the […]

solar power system



What Equipment Do You Need For A Solar Power System?

All around the world, solar power systems are gaining ground as more homeowners are going solar in a bid to reduce costs on energy in the long-term. According to the SEIA, a record amount of residential solar capacity was installed in Q3 2019, and overall growth for 2019 is estimated at 23%. This growth is […]

solar energy



This 18-year-old From Enugu Builds Inverter to Give Himself Constant Electricity

Another Nigerian has shown that this country is blessed with enough human resources to bring about the desired development that will give the nation a pride of place in the world. An 18-year-old Nigerian from Enugu state, Ugwu Chiagoziem, has built an inverter among other things like power banks, and a hybrid battery system. Read […]

how long do solar panels last?



Overview of Solar Energy in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

What You Need To Know About Solar Energy in Nigeria Nigeria as a country has a lot of potential for renewable energy that is still being untapped. It is well known that the barriers to the development of Nigeria’s renewable energy Central serous retinopathy associated with topical oral steroid gel use: a case report steriods […]



How to Choose The Best Inverter Brand in Nigeria

So, you are planning on going solar and you are thinking about how to choose the best inverter brand in Nigeria. The solar components market is like the TVs and phone market is characterized by people offering different components at varying prices but unlike other electronics, the Solar industry in Nigeria is faced with a […]

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