Let me thank you ahead for jumping on this article. As you read on, you will discover the new school. In a country like ours, we have three power sources. First is the national grid electricity that used to be popularly known as NEPA. NEPA hardly got to every village in Nigeria before it became unreliable. This is mainly due to its epileptic supply across the nation. And by default, anyone who has an event, no matter how small, even a child’s naming ceremony would make available a generator set as back-up.

So gradually, generator set took over from NEPA as the new school. It was expensive, and still expensive but power is a necessity so the middle class members made it a priority to own one generator set per home. But this didn’t completely solve the power problem. Apart from the very cost of maintenance, generator sets are not just reliable. Let me explain briefly. A generator set requires PMS and engine oil before it can power. This is a reoccurring expenses that isn’t funny. A generator set often spoilt and need constant servicing or repair as long as it is often used. And trust me, it will often be used because NEPA can decide not to come even for days. The frequent repair and unreliability gave rise to a new trend which was/is every middle class home started having at least two generator sets.

Generator became so unreliable that every home started having at least two sets. My father had two as well as a kid then. But it didn’t guaranty constant power too. There were still times when the both generators gave us a shocking by refusing to work and the black-out we didn’t bargain for, became inevitable. Everyone that owns a generator wasn’t happy because they know they didn’t have to, if NEPA was constant. Apart from the reoccurring expenses of a generator set, the noise pollution and the air pollution are very deadly. There had been cases of people dying from inhaling generator fumes. So, this gave rise to the new school.

The latest trend or new school is solar. You already know right? Just like the generator trend era, some people complained it was too expensive. But power is a necessity, so they find a way to still buy it. The complaint for solar being too expensive also came. But it’s the best option, most reliable and efficient and people are already going solar. Every street in my area currently have at least two houses with solar panels on their rooftop.

On the long run, solar is cheaper than generator set. A solar system requires a one-time cost of installation. The solar panels can last up to 25 years with little or no maintenance. No need for PMS or engine oil. The sunlight is already in abundance. You won’t have to worry about the dangerous air and noise pollution caused by a generator set.

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