Introducing Our Buy Now Pay Later Plan • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
Vesselnet-Solar-buy-now-pay-later for solar energy company in Nigeria



Buy Now and Pay Later for Solar Energy is a loan-based program organized by Vesselnet Solar. This program allows you to get solar solutions, then you can pay the charges later in installments.

Having solar-powered electricity is no longer an option it is imperative for business, offices, and homes. For many people, they cannot afford the cost of having solar power plants or solutions. For this reason, we decided to help everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, and race. We have partnered with the appropriate financial institution to help interested persons and businesses achieve 24/7 electricity supply anywhere in Nigeria.

This  Buy Now and Pay Later, gives our customers the opportunity to spread the cost of our Solar Powered solutions over 3 -12 months on all our H-Lyte, B-Lyte, Mini-Grid & Off-Grid Products.

Take advantage and contact us today via Email on or fill out this form to get started.


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