Importance of Solar Energy • #1 Solar Energy In Nigeria 2022
solar energy



Solar energy is one of the best form of renewable energy source in the world. It has the potentials to meet many of the world’s challenges. It is fast becoming popular due to its numerous benefits which include some of the following.


Solar Is Clean and Safe

Solar energy is not only safe; it is also clean. It is the best alternative to replace current use of fossil fuels. The World Wide Fund for Nature which is also known as (WWF) has emphasized the several pollutions caused by other conventional use of fossils to generate electricity. It talks about the air pollution which leads to acid rain, the damaged forests, etc. the use of solar energy will eradicate all of those pollutions because it is clean and safe.


Cheap and Reliable Energy Source

Solar energy cost is now competitive with conventional energy source, coupled with its advantages. This is due to technological advancement and government policies to subsidize. The price of PV panels has reduced by 60% and the price of solar system by 50% by the recent years. Running cost of solar system is almost non-existent with a lifespan of over 25 years. This means initial investment can be regained with the first or second year and you have the next 23 years enjoying almost free energy.


Generation of Jobs

Solar energy has created thousands of jobs in each country that embraced it. In Nigeria, for instance, the market is becoming huge and a lot of solar solution companies are being set up daily. These companies are helping to reduce the unemployment rate by hiring staffs. A lot of experts seemed to be benefitting from the solar energy industry; such as the sales representatives, the solar designers, service professionals, installation engineers, etc. بايير بنك


Easy Management

Solar energy is easily managed by the individual user compared to the other conventional source of energy that are being managed by corporations. Solar energy is installed based on the energy requirement of the individual household. The individual easily manages it by determining when to store energy for night use, which gadgets to plug during day or night etc. You are in control of when to have electricity absolutely.

With all being said, solar energy is really important in a lot of ways to our current world. كم عمر بنزيما No wonder people are beginning to embrace it for residential and business use. The good news is that, it will keep getting better and more reliable.

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