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how to relocate with your solar panels



Before discussing how to relocate with your solar panels, have you asked if the costs is worth it?  solar panel helps you save money on your light bills and also help in maintaining a greener lifestyle since you won’t need to burn fuel on a generator set which produces air and noise pollution. With all these usefulness, solar system is considered a big investment and you would likely want to take your pv equipment with you in the event f relocation.

Two major options you would be left with are: uninstalling your solar system and reinstalling them at your new place. You would need to put into consideration the distance between your current place and your new place and the cost of logistics. The second option you will be faced with is that of selling off your solar system before moving out to your new place so you can use the money to buy and install a new solar system at your new place. Anyone that is more convenient for you will surely be your pick I guess.

So, here is everything you need to know about relocating your solar system to your new location ahead of your future relocation.

how to relocate with your solar panels

Can solar panels be relocated to another house?

Yes of course. It is very possible to move solar panels, solar inverters, batteries and other components from one house to another. However, there are some important factors that one needs to put into consideration before deciding on relocating solar systems.


  1. Distance

How long is the distance between your current place and your new place? This will affect the cost of carriage. The longer the distance, the more charge.

If you are moving within the service range of the company that originally installed them, they may likely agree to uninstall and reinstall for you at your new location. They will have the technical know-how on how best to handle the uninstallation, transportation and the reinstalling.


  1. Exposure to Sunlight

The amount of sunlight in your new location is another important factor in determining what your decision would be.

If you are moving to a colder climate or to a location with reduced sunlight, you might not need to bring your solar panel. Instead you can sell your solar system and use part of the money in buying and installing a smaller solar system at your new home.


  1. Style of The Roof

Some solar panels are specifically tailored to fit the dimensions of a roof and the orientation of the house. Before moving to a new property, you might need to call experts to check your new roof and confirm to you if the solar panels can be reinstalled on them. If it is a yes, then you know you only have to worry about how to move the solar system to your new place.

Also make sure your new roof has enough space as the current location that you are moving from.


  1. Damages on The Roof

Photovoltaic panels are installed on a roof by mounting brackets that are literally screwed into the roofing material. Once you uninstall your solar panels, you will be exposing the holes in the roof which can cause leakage. You have the choice of filling and sealing the holes on the roof or just selling off the solar panels to the new occupant of your current house.


  1. Possible Damages to Solar Panels

Some solar panels can be fragile. Extreme caution will have to be taken when moving them to avoid damages. It is advisable that you contact the original solar company that handled the installation or new solar engineers to avoid any form of damages that may occur or ruin your solar panels.

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  1. Costs

Put the total cost of moving your solar panels with you to your new home together. Calculate the cost of uninstalling, transportation, and reinstalling and compare it with the cost of buying a new solar system. If the difference isn’t much, maybe you are better off selling the solar system and buying a new one at your new location for fresh installation.

So, now you know what is involved. I mean all the important factors to be considered before making an informed decision of how to relocate with your solar panels or get new ones installed.

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