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3KW Solar System in Nigeria



Electricity bill is high more than ever and a lot of people wish it can be reduced. go fish But we all know how it is most often in Nigeria that once price goes up, it hardly comes down back. This has made a lot of people to consider the option of going solar. الباير Although, the initial cost of installation may be high, it is a one-time payment and you will save money monthly since there is no maintenance required.

When considering going solar, one of the question is: “how many kilowatts system that can power my home or office?” Now, the 3000 Watts or 3KW solar system is highly recommended for a medium size family with about 3 to 4 bedroom and basic house hold equipment such as TV, Fan, Iron, Freezer, etc.


How Much Does a 3kW Solar System Cost?

As of this time of writing in Nigeria, a 3KW solar system in Nigeria cost ranges from ₦1,249,318 to ₦2,616,386 depending on the number of extra panels and batteries. This include the full cost of the entire 3KW system which includes the battery, panels, inverter, required for complete installation.


How Much Electricity Will a 3KW Solar System Produce?

To determine how much electricity a 3KW solar system can produce, a very strong factor is the amount of sunshine in your area. For example, a region with more sun than the other is likely to produce 25% more electricity over the other regions with lesser sunshine. But this is not to say, solar power is reserved for only places with a high amount of sunshine. Solar is always a smart investment for reducing cost of power.


Ready to Get Started?

You need a professional team that will guide you in determining your amount of energy needs, recommend a solar system and run an expert installation. كأس العرب 2023 مباريات Vesselnet Solar is your sure plug for this, especially with our convenient payment plans which including installment payments spread over several years.

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