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You might have been wondering how do solar panels work? Well…you do not need to look further as this article shall be addressing it.

With the help of inverter technology, solar panels work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells which is Direct Current (DC) energy and then converts it to Alternating Current (AC) energy for use. The inverter main function is converting the DC energy to AC which is then distributed accordingly for use in the house.

Below is the step by step process of how it works:

  1. Photovoltaic cells grip the energy from the sun and then change it to DC energy.
  2. The solar inverter technology changes the DC energy to AC which is distributed evenly in the house for use.
  3. The AC energy (electricity) powers your home appliances by flowing through the sockets.
  4. Unused electricity goes to the electric grid.


How Electricity is Generated Through the Solar Panel

Another name for a solar panel is solar module. A solar panel contains a layer of silicon cells, metal frame, glass case, and numerous wiring which enables current to flow from the silicon cells.

What is silicon? It is a non-mental and has conductive properties which permits it to grip and convert sunlight into electricity. The interaction of light with a silicon cell causes electrons to be set into motion and initiate a flow of electric current. This technology is known as the “photovoltaic effect”, which explains in general, how the solar panel technology works.

photovoltaic effect

What is the Photovoltaic Effect?

The photovoltaic effect simply refers to the general science of generating electricity with solar panels. 1839 was the year it was discovered by Edmond Becquerel.

Below are the simple steps of the photovoltaic process:

  1. The silicon cell grips solar radiation
  2. The sun’s ray interrelates with the silicon cells which causes the movement of electrons and subsequently producing a flow of electric current.
  3. The inverter uses wires to capture the direct current (DC) and subsequently converts to alternating current (AC) electricity for usage.


Hope you had a good read? And most importantly, hope you now have a very good understanding of how solar panels work?

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