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One of the greatest assets with respect to solar energy development in Nigeria is its geographical location (in the equatorial region). The distribution of solar energy available in Nigeria is abundant with the northern part having a larger share.

The average solar radiation value of the country is about 19.8 MJ/m2 with an optimum mean sunshine of 6 hours per day. This sunshine hours ranges from 9 hours in the far north to 3.5 hours in the coastal region.

The solar energy potential in Nigeria is enormous because of its location in the high sunshine belt. According to a Global Energy Network Institute report, “If solar collectors/modules were used to cover 1% of Nigeria’s land area, it would be possible to generate 1850 ×103 GWh of solar electricity per year. This is over a 100 times the current grid electricity consumption level in the country”.

This is why At Vesselnet Solar we aim to make provide affordable, sustainable and reliable solar energy installations in one million Nigerian homes & offices by 2025. We believe every Nigerian  should have access to a sustainable and cost effective source of energy that is why we provide flexible payment plans that has everyone covered.

Providing Solar solutions, Inverter backup, Off Grid, Mini Grid solution, Solar Street Lighting projects.

With a team of seasoned technical professionals to guide you through the process of achieving an independent source of alternative power supply and top-notch maintenance services.

Solar Energy is the future, and it’s our goal to make quality solar installations available to every single Nigerian.

Join The Green Revolution!

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Solar Energy in Nigeria is quickly becoming the best alternative to the electric grid system because it saves cost over time, it is renewable and easy to maintain, no noise, no pollution, easily scalable and very sustainable.

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We strongly believe the customer is king, hence we treat you like royalty with a 24/7 customer service support call Centre and a team of professionals dedicated to provide you with the technical support you require for solar energy needs in Nigeria.

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We believe understanding your energy needs is most important before recommending a sustainable and affordable energy solution for you. We are here to guide you through choosing the most suitable plan.

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We offer quality integrated systems with global standards specially designed to meet the power requirements of Nigerian homes and offices.

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We understand the financial cost of acquiring  solar installations can be demanding. Our aim is to ensure it is affordable to every Nigerian with our payment options and Flexible installment plans (3 – 12 months).

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Our technical team work 24/7 to ensure you derive 100% after sales satisfaction from our services. This service is free for up to 12 months after completed system installation

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In order to serve you better, we have partnered with Outback Power. OutBack Power is a global designer and manufacturer of cutting edge power conversion solutions that provide reliable electric power for the renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile markets to provide the best solar energy in Nigeria.

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