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disadvantages of solar power



So, let us discuss the disadvantages of Solar power.  Since solar energy is increasingly becoming popular, a lot of people will like to know if it has disadvantages. And just like every system in the world, it also has its demerits and here are them below:

  1. Cost

The cost of purchasing a full solar system is quite high. The solar system includes solar panels, inverter, batteries, cables and installation. Although it is an investment that will save you money in the long run, the up-front cost of acquiring is quite high for a lot of the population to afford especially in Africa. One good news is that the cost of solar would keep going down as technologies improves.


  1. Weather-Dependent

Solar energy depends on weather. Since it needs energy from the sun, it performs at its best during day time and performs less during cloudy and raining days. This means that one will have to make provision for batteries that will be used to store energy during the day. So, when moving to solar, you must take into an account this merit and make provision ahead for it with solar battery.


  1. Extra Cost of Storage

Solar energy needs storage batteries to be able to store up energy for use during night and raining days. These batteries become a form of an extra cost. Although, high quality battery will last you longer and save cost. We offer shoto batteries with 3 years warranty to our clients and they have effective and durable.


  1. Uses a Lot of Space

Solar energy installation requires solar panels to be placed on the roof top. Someone who uses a lot of electricity will require a lot of solar panels as well, which also means a lot of roof top space. This can cause a challenge for a house without much roof top space. Well, in a situation like this, some of the panels can be installed somewhere else in the house if they have access to sunlight.


Do You Still Want to Go Solar?

At this point you’re probably faced with the decision of whether to still go solar or not. Nevertheless, solar energy is still worth investing on especially for the long term.

Now that you have learnt about solar energy disadvantages, you can also click here to learn about it’s advantages before you make your final decision.


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