The cost of a 3KW solar system will vary from one installer to the other due to the amount of equipment used, cost of logistics, etc.

With all factors considered, the standard 3KW solar system in Nigeria should cost around ₦1,406,970 to ₦1,641,465.


Factors That Determines Cost of 3KW Solar System in Nigeria

In Nigeria, a lot of factors determine the cost of the solar system. Some of them are:

Solar Components: solar components vary as well as their cost. These components include the inverter, batteries, solar panels. The prices of these items vary depending on the brand and type.

Cost of Logistics: another factor that contributes to the cost of a solar system is the location. An installer who is going to an interior community to do an installation may likely charge higher due to the cost of transporting personnel and equipment to that far and remote distance.


Will Cost Include Installation?

In a standard company, a quote is given in a total price. Our 3KW solar system price covers installation. Once you contact us, one of our personnel will examine and determine your required energy needs and recommend a suitable solar package for you. The cost within the 3KW solar system varies since some may require more solar panels. The cost is usually from ₦1,406,970 to ₦1,641,465.


How Much Energy Will A 3kw System Generate?

The usual question would be to find out how much energy will a 3KW system generate. You can expect anything from 11.7Kwh to 16Khw for a 3KW system in Nigeria where there is adequate sunlight during the day. One other factor that contributes to output is the quality of the solar system itself and the season which determines the level of sunshine.

Important Reason to Have Clear Idea of Energy Outputs

Proper Planning: knowing when to expect high production of electricity will help you in planning some of your high energy-consuming activities within the same period and vice versa if it is a low energy production period.

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How Many Panels Do I Need for A 3kw Solar System?

Usually, standard solar panels are from 250watt to 300watt. You shouldn’t have to worry about the number of solar panels since the installer who is responsible for all the technical details will recommend the number of solar panels that you need. In terms of size, solar panels that are usually installed on the rooftop are roughly 20 meters squared with each panel measuring about 1 meter by 1.6 meters.


How Long Will A 3kw Solar System Last?

Irrespective of the manufacturer or brand, solar system components are durable and usually last for years. For instance, the solar panel can last for around 25 years to 30 years. Through the years, they might need little or no maintenance. Unless they are damaged through physical forces, the solar panel has about 0.8% yearly degradation which makes it possible for them to still be efficient even after 30 years.


In all, a 3KW solar system is a very good investment that will surely pay off in the long run. It has little or no maintenance with a very long time span.

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