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10kw solar system



As solar panels become more affordable, most homes in Nigeria have started embracing solar power as their alternative source of energy. This includes hospitals, schools, and offices and they are all making savings in the long run since solar panels require little or no maintenance and the solar power itself is renewable.


This 10KW solar system is perfect for a high-power consumer. It is recommended for large homes and offices.


Table of Contents           

  • How much does a 10kw solar system cost?
  • How Much Power Can a 10KW Solar System Put Out?
  • How Many Panels Does a 10kW Solar System Require?
  • How Much Roof Space is Needed?
  • What is the Savings of a 10KW Solar System?
  • Is a 10KW Solar System Good for Home?
  • What is the Required Battery Size For 10KW?
  • How Do I know My Energy Requirement?


How Much Does a 10kW Solar System Cost?

In Nigeria, a 10KW solar system goes for around N4,789,850 to N9,114,930 depending on the number of solar panels and extra batteries. At Vesselnet Solar, this cost includes professional installation by an expert team of engineers.


How Much Power Can a 10KW Solar System Put Out?

The idea output for a 10KW solar system in a day is 40KWh. Although this performance is subject to some other factors such as the solar panel location and orientation. Another thing to note is that all seasons of the year can’t produce the same amount of sunlight as some seasons produce more than the other and so is the solar system output.

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How Many Panels Does a 10kW Solar System Require?

On average, a 10KW solar system requires between 16 to 32 solar panels. The number of panels is also determined by the panel wattage. For instance, a 300-watt rating will require more panels than a 350-watt rating.


How Much Roof Space Do I Need?

About 16 to 32 solar panels will require a lot of space, starting from between 54 to 80 square meters in space. If you have smaller roof space, we recommend you going for the panels with very high wattage. They will require little space and yet very efficient.


What is the Savings of a 10KW Solar System?

You will make savings by going solar. But the amount of savings depends on your household’s power consumption. The more power you use means the higher your expenses on power bills and more savings when you move to solar energy.

To determine your savings, you need to calculate your total cost of power and subtract it from the cost of your 10KW system. Just to be very safe, you can make a provision of 2% of the 10KW for maintenance. (Solar system requires little or no maintenance)


In determining your current cost, calculate the following:

  • the cost of your 10KVA generator set
  • cost of monthly maintenance/repair
  • cost of fuel to power the generator
  • monthly power bill from your national grid distribution company.


Is a 10KW Solar System Good for Home?

Yes, it is. A home consumes an average of 22KWh per day while the 10KW solar system can produce around 40KWh per day. This system is advisable for large homes or an office with equipment and air conditions. Smaller homes are advised to go for smaller solar systems such as the 5KW Solar System and the 3KW Solar System.

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What is the Required Battery Size For 10KW?

A solar battery is a way to go for someone who wants to use solar light at night. The battery will be used for energy storage during the day. And for a 10KW solar system, a very good battery with high capacity is required. Let’s assume that your daily power consumption is around 20KW, you will need a battery that can store up to 28KW daily.

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How Do I know My Energy Requirement?

To analyze your energy needs and be able to determine your required energy, simply contact us and one of our engineers will attend to you.

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