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40 Facts You Should Know About Solar Energy

What are the Interesting Facts about Solar Energy? There are various facts you may not know about Solar Energy, the sun has been helping humanities from thousand of years ago for example drying of clothes, food preservation, food processing, photosynthesis for the plant, sunlight is also necessary for normal...

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What appliances use the most energy?

When you pay your electricity bills, what are you really paying for? Nearly a third of all residential electricity consumption powers Domestic applainces and cooling appliances (Air conditioning & Fans). In 2018, water heating accounted for 12 percent of all residential electricity consumption. Meanwhile, lighting and refrigeration both accounted for an additional...

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Questions to ask yourself before your solar installation

How much electricity do I consume? Prior to going ahead with installing a solar photovoltaic system, it is very important that you are aware of your household’s energy consumption. You should be able to attain this information from your electricity bill, this will be shown in the form of...

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7 Signs That Tell You To Invest In Solar Energy

Are you considering getting solar power for your home or business? How do you know that you actually need it? Every Business manager and Home owner want to cut down on operating costs. But what’s the biggest or most unpredictable expense many businesses would like to get rid of?...

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Solar Power back up for Security Systems

At Vesselnet we strongly see the need to enlighten people on the limitless uses and applications of Solar Energy, in this instance we’re discussing Security systems. In security systems we are referring to the uses of CCTV Cameras, Video Doorbells, Proximity sensors, Alarms, Key Cards, Electronic Doors and Gates,...

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Solar 3.5KW Solar Installation applications for Farms.

USES FOR SOLAR TECHNOLOGY ON THE FARM Dozens of high-tech options are available today, for using photovoltaic systems in agriculture and livestock farming. Passive solar techniques, such as staging the crop rows and designing or updating buildings to take advantage of the sunlight, often come at little cost but...

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Solar Irrigation For Farms

Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways helping save money, increasing self-reliance, and reducing pollution. There is an increasing demand for irrigation due to the need for higher food production for a rising world population and decreasing supplies of freshwater in the context of...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody Did you move into the new year full of good intentions and resolutions? If 2018 wasn’t your year don’t worry, 2019 is here for a novel fresh start. Lets begin the year right, achieve that goal of being power independent, give us a call let...

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Christmas Discount

As the year gradually comes to an end, we at Vesselnet Solar have decided to offer up to 12% discount on our 350watts, 550watts & 1.3Kva Solar Inverter Power Systems. In the spirit of the Yultide season. Ensure you dont spend the Christmas Holidays without Electricity. Those of us...

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