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Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Women Build’ program will soon install its first solar project

This news as seen on Solar Power World The family that will receive the first ‘Women Build’ solar home. Habitat for Humanity Lake County, in partnership with private companies and the local community, have come together to help build a new home for a single mother of four in Waukegan, a suburb north of Chicago. […]

September 13 2019 0comment

How to Choose your Solar Energy Company in Nigeria

Solar Energy or solar energy company is not a new energy development in Nigeria and indeed Africa but the adaptation to Solar is fast rising as it is helping to boost businesses, and helping power homes for middle and lower-income earners. For the upper class, it is a desire to reduce the inflationary energy cost […]

September 10 2019 0comment

Four Nigerian Teenagers Created Solar Panel

According to Channels TV, Four Nigerian teenagers in Anambra state take their passion to their communities as they fix electricity challenges. They create a solar panel that includes an inverter and battery rather than having all three in separate units. A couple of months ago, the teenagers represented Nigeria at the International festival of engineering, […]

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Happy Easter Celebration

Happy Easter

As we approach Easter once again it’s a reminder how time flies. Seems just like yesterday we were wishing you a  Happy New Year. Here is wishing you a Happy Easter Celebrations, from us all at Vesselnet Solar!!!

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Solar Energy In Nigeria

Top Solar Energy Myths

Ever heard how scientists estimate that more than enough solar energy strikes the earth every hour to power our whole society for an entire year? But despite the tremendous source of energy staring many of us in the face every day,  some keep debating the merits of solar power and other renewable energies, asking the […]

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Solar Panels For Home

H lyte Maxi Solar Power Systems For Offices

Benefits For Office Premises, Tenants And Landlords As an office landlord or occupant, your solar panel system will ensure reduced energy bills for tenants and promise an attractive eco friendly office space – satisfying current tenants and attracting future ones. Solar PV systems help increase the energy efficiency of an office space portfolio.

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Vesselnet-Solar-buy-now-pay-later for solar energy company in Nigeria

Introducing Our Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Buy Now and Pay Later for Solar Energy is a loan-based program organized by Vesselnet Solar. This program allows you to get solar solutions, then you can pay the charges later in installments. Having solar-powered electricity is no longer an option it is imperative for business, offices, and homes. For many people, they cannot afford […]

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Solar Energy Generation In Nigeria

40 Facts You Should Know About Solar Energy

What are the Interesting Facts about Solar Energy? There are various facts you may not know about Solar Energy, the sun has been helping humanities from thousand of years ago for example drying of clothes, food preservation, food processing, photosynthesis for the plant, sunlight is also necessary for normal living and so on and so […]

February 18 2019 0comment
Solar Panels For Home

What appliances use the most energy?

When you pay your electricity bills, what are you really paying for? Nearly a third of all residential electricity consumption powers Domestic applainces and cooling appliances (Air conditioning & Fans). In 2018, water heating accounted for 12 percent of all residential electricity consumption. Meanwhile, lighting and refrigeration both accounted for an additional 6 percent each of total residential […]

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Complete Solar Power Kits For Homes

Questions to ask yourself before your solar installation

How much electricity do I consume? Prior to going ahead with installing a solar photovoltaic system, it is very important that you are aware of your household’s energy consumption. You should be able to attain this information from your electricity bill, this will be shown in the form of kilowatt-hours (kWh) or alternatively as units. […]

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