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Minigrids Are the Cheapest Way to Bring Electricity to 100 Million Africans Today

By all measures, Africa is currently losing the battle to end energy poverty by 2030. U.N. Sustainable Development Goals commit the global community to delivering accessto affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. One barrier to success is the ongoing political debate about how best to provide power to the more than 600 million people in […]

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Green Energy and Better Crops: Tinted Solar Panels Could Boost Farm Incomes

Researchers have demonstrated the use of tinted, semi-transparent solar panels to generate electricity and produce nutritionally superior crops simultaneously, bringing the prospect of higher incomes for farmers and maximizing use of agricultural land. By allowing farmers to diversify their portfolio, this novel system could offer financial protection from fluctuations in market prices or changes in […]

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The Potential of Solar Power in Nigeria

The demand for a more steady and reliable electricity supply in Nigeria has been an age-long cry and solution seems to be off-sight till now. Nigeria, which happens to be Africa’s largest economy has been suffering from poor power supply for too long and this has had a profound negative effect. Electricity is a necessity […]

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

“How long do solar panels last? اسماء اوراق الدومينو ” is one common question we always hear from business and house owners who are considering the option of going solar. Knowing how long that solar panels last helps in justifying the upfront cost of going solar. It is kind of relieving knowing that what you […]

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Cost of 1 KW Solar System in Nigeria

When it comes to household energy consumption requirements, the 1 KW solar panel system unit is the least to go for. An average household of four and more would require a 2KW solar system and above to be able to sufficiently power their appliances. However, the Vesselnet Solar 1 KW system can power appliances such […]




ICE Commercial Power, Microsoft Partner to Improve SMEs’ Access to Solar Energy

Microsoft, through its 4Afrika initiative, has entered into a partnership with ICE Commercial Power, a Nigerian-based renewable energy provider, to provide reliable solar power to 10,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Nigeria for the next two years. Chief Executive Officer, ICE Commercial Power, Emmanuel Ekwueme, who disclosed this in a statement, said the partnership […]

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The Cost of Solar Panel Installation in Nigeria

So, we shall be discussing the cost of solar panel installation in Nigeria. The clamour for a reliable electricity supply in Nigeria has been on for decades without an end in sight. The country is currently still very much being plague with epileptic power supply. الكوبه اون لاين Electricity happened to be one of the […]

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Problems of Solar Energy Batteries in Nigeria

Who doesn’t hate running out of batteries? Nobody likes that red colour depleted battery icon on their phone or laptop. But this battery constraints are not suffered by electronic gadgets alone. Even our unique solar energy is not exempted from the problems of batteries. Because no other renewable energy can match the potentials of solar […]



Report: 38 Percent Energy CFOs Say Solar Will Be the Most Dominant Form of Alternative Energy by 2023

The study details forces driving the transition towards alternative energy sources. The survey features the thoughts of 100 CFOs at oil and gas and power generation companies, revealing that energy executives are focused on striking a balance between navigating short-term uncertainty and volatile markets, but also planning for a green future. “This report showed us everyone’s […]

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Vesselnet Solar Signs Distribution Deal with Shoto Batteries

Vesselnet Solar, a leading solar power provider in Nigeria, in a bid to always offer the best to her clients, has signed a distributorship deal with Shoto batteries. Shoto battery is one of the best batteries specifically designed for renewable energy applications such as solar, wind power storage systems, etc. One striking advantage of Shoto […]

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