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10kw solar system



Cost of 10KW Solar System in Nigeria

As solar panels become more affordable, most homes in Nigeria have started embracing solar power as their alternative source of energy. This includes hospitals, schools, and offices and they are all making savings in the long run since solar panels require little or no maintenance and the solar power itself is renewable.   This 10KW […]

5KW Solar System



Cost of 5KW Solar System in Nigeria

5KW solar system is most suitable for powering all the basic household appliances at once. With a 5KW solar system, one can put on the air condition, deep freezer, washing machine and more. A 5kWh solar system will cost you between N1,560,916 to N4,077,792 to be installed. After which, you will be free from recurring […]

solar power



Nigeria announces new energy access project ‘Solar Power Naija’

The Federal government of Nigeria has launched a ‘Solar Power Naija’ project, a programme focussing on 5 million solar connections for off-grid communities as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This solar power programme is expected to generate an additional N7 billion ($18 million) increase in tax revenues per annum […]

cost 3KW solar system



Cost of 3KW Solar System in Nigeria

The cost of a 3KW solar system will vary from one installer to the other due to the amount of equipment used, cost of logistics, etc. With all factors considered, the standard 3KW solar system in Nigeria should cost around ₦1,406,970 to ₦1,641,465.   Factors That Determines Cost of 3KW Solar System in Nigeria In […]

Renewable Energy



What is Renewable Energy?

Fossil fuel, coal, oil and natural gas falls under the category of non-renewable energy because once they are used up, they are gone. Renewable energy on the other hand are those forms of energy that we can use and not run out of. Apart from the fact that this renewable energy is affordable, they are […]

solar power system



What Equipment Do You Need For A Solar Power System?

All around the world, solar power systems are gaining ground as more homeowners are going solar in a bid to reduce costs on energy in the long-term. According to the SEIA, a record amount of residential solar capacity was installed in Q3 2019, and overall growth for 2019 is estimated at 23%. This growth is […]

solar system



Nigerians To Pay N4,000 Monthly For Solar System, Says Presidency

The estimated 25 million Nigerians that will benefit from the Federal Government’s Solar Home Systems that commences this week will be expected to pay about N4,000 monthly, the presidency has said. The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, disclosed this in a statement on Sunday titled “25m Nigerians […]

solar project



NIGERIA: A $3.7M Solar Project Receives World Bank Support

The Federal Government of Nigeria wants to improve the electricity supply to 25 million people through the installation of five million solar home systems. The nearly $3.7 million (140 billion Nigerian naira) project will be 20 per cent financed by the World Bank via a grant. In Nigeria, the federal government is relying on solar […]

the cost of solar installation in Nigeria



The Cost of Solar Installation in Nigeria

There has been the need for a constant electricity supply to households and businesses in Nigeria, and for some reason, it looks like it’s too big a need to be met. This inability to enjoy an essential necessity such as electricity has become a problem across the country and having a very negative impact on […]

solar energy



Sono Motors Starts Its Engine Using the Sun

Given how many things the sun powers, it’s surprising that cars haven’t become one of the more common things to run on the most incredible renewable resource available. Come 2022, Sono Motors, a Munich based company, will let you power your car with the sun. Sono’s founders dreamed up a new car concept that can […]

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