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Solar Inverter



What is a Solar Inverter and How Does it Work?

The interest in solar systems has shot up due to the increase in interest for renewable energy sources. It is a huge asset to the environment that the sun has the ability to power an entire home. It will go a long way in keeping the environment cleaner and healthy. So, now let’s talk about […]

solar panel



Nigerians to pay N144,000 for solar panels govt plans for 5m homes

This was revealed in a statement issued by the Office of the Vice President on Thursday. The federal government says Nigerians will have the option to pay to own millions of solar panels it plans for 5 million homes as part of its Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP). The ESP was rolled out in 2020 in […]

components of a solar energy system



What are the main components of a solar energy system?

What are the main components of a solar energy system that comes to your mind when you think of solar energy? Our guess is: you’re definitely thinking of some of these. There is really so much to a solar system than the panels. The solar system has multiple components but we shall be discussing the […]

solar energy



Importance of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the best form of renewable energy source in the world. It has the potentials to meet many of the world’s challenges. It is fast becoming popular due to its numerous benefits which include some of the following.   Solar Is Clean and Safe Solar energy is not only safe; it […]

solar power



Electrifying Nigeria: could solar power one million households?

Nigeria has launched a $75m fund to provide electricity to its citizens, with solar panel manufacturer Lumos planning to use the money to electrify one million households over the next five years. We consider the impacts of this ambitious proposal. Nigeria is one of Africa’s dominant countries, with the highest population and greatest GDP on […]

off-grid and on-grid



What Is Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy?

Here we’ll discuss key difference between off-grid and on-grid solar energy An off-grid solar energy is the one not connected to the national grid while on-grid is the one that is connected to the national grid (aka grid-tied). Let’s find below the difference between the on-grid and the off-grid. Off-Grid Solar System An off-grid system […]



Why Africa Hasn’t Kickstarted Its Renewable Energy Boom

Africa has a solar energy potential of as much as 1,000 GW and wind potential of 110 GW, not to mention 350 GW in hydropower potential and 15 GW of geothermal potential. And yet, all this huge potential remains largely untapped, even though solar and wind farms are getting so cheap, they are said to be on […]

sun-powered poultry plant



Nigerian Farm Becomes Country’s Largest Sun-powered Poultry Plant

Empower New Energy and Rensource have teamed up to create the largest power purchase agreement for solar energy in the Commercial and Industrial sector in Nigeria. The 700KWp ground-mounted solar photovoltaic plant for Nigeria’s largest egg producer, Premium Poultry Farms, will generate one gigawatt hour of clean energy annually. This will save up to 25,000 […]

advantages of solar energy



5 Major Advantages of Solar Energy

In talking about the advantages of solar energy, did you know that the amount of energy being produced by the sun per hour is enough to meet the world’s energy requirement for one year? تاريخ بايرن ميونخ Indeed, the sun is really a powerful energy source. The good news is that we can collect a […]

disadvantages of solar power



Disadvantages of Solar Power

So, let us discuss the disadvantages of Solar power.  Since solar energy is increasingly becoming popular, a lot of people will like to know if it has disadvantages. And just like every system in the world, it also has its demerits and here are them below: Cost The cost of purchasing a full solar system […]

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