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1 KW Solar Panel System



When it comes to household energy consumption requirements, the 1 KW solar panel system unit is the least to go for. An average household of four and more would require a 2KW solar system and above to be able to sufficiently power their appliances. However, the Vesselnet Solar 1 KW system can power appliances such as printers, television, laptop, fridge.

Well, you still need to talk to us about your energy needs because a 1 KW Solar system might just be all that you need.

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1 KW solar panel system


Approximately, a 1KW solar panel system can produce 750 to 850 KWh of electricity per year. In order to produce the desired output, several individual panels of 200 watts can be combined.


Cost of 1 kW Solar Solution System in Nigeria

With installation and complete accessories, the cost of a 1 KW solar system goes for ₦471,382.

If you have a flexible budget, you can go for other systems such as 2 KW solar panel system which goes for about ₦1,018,793. All solar panel systems guarantee savings in the long run although the initial investment could cost more.

Another way savings is made is that: as the systems increase in size, the price per watts becomes lower. The bigger systems such as the 2 KW, 5 KW, 10 KW are easily commercialized since they can supply more power when compared with the 1 KW solar systems.


Some Factors to look When Deciding to Purchase the 1 KW Solar  Solution System in Nigeria

  • Location and climate: this are an important factor to consider for the purpose of achieving the ideal energy.
  • Temperature of panels: this is important as it can affect performance of the solar system.
  • The right installer: you need to be very particular about the manner at which your solar panel system is being installed to be able to harness the energy from the sun more effectively.
  • Support system: a company that provides you with support even after installation is completed is a great advantage.


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